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Friday, February 25, 2011

This is NOT about about HUMANIZING!

Hello people!
I think today we are living an amazing phenomenon through social media in which I declare myself guilty to be part of it since it is changing and transforming industries.
Especially for us, marketers that are entering to this stage where we need to convert / educate / transform the way you see things. The famous "4P's" will or, rather, are being forgotten to make room for the "4F's " that Paul Fleming said on "Let's Talk of interactive marketing"- flow, functionality, feedback and loyalty-. 
Across this blog I want to share my experience, but most of all I want to share my passion for advertising and everything around it. 
People want to know what others are doing, how they live, what they use, why they use it, with whom they are related, etc. and I think that advertising has this type of interaction with people and that’s what makes it unique!!
So, let's see what we figure out...feel free to comment your opinion, lets grow together!!


  1. hi!!.. i just saw the video u uploaded where u did like a mash.up of different ads. it was amazing and really cool!!.
    As u say. i agree that marketing and advertisement is a really important part of the way we live now. ads are everywhere you look at!!. the sad part is that sometimes not all ads no matter how much effort u put into them, are as noticed as others. I think that is why in order for a brand to be remembered the ad has to be fun and make people feel identified with it.

    i really liked all the ads u included in ur video. u should really do some more vids like that cause they are entertaining. plus i saw some ads i've never seen before.
    please keep posting fun and cool things. i really like your blog and i love ads too btw!


  2. thank you alejandra!!!! I guarantee you to upload the best commercials with high quality that really worthwhile!!! ;) stay in touch!

  3. Im looking further to read more blogs. Thank you for this information, I think everyone can apply advertising through their lives.
    Good luck and have a nice week

  4. I agree with you!! ads have a special interaction with all people and thats why is very important for the society.